Protect your hardwood flooring during the holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching, many of us are decorating and preparing our home for the festive season. It is the time of the year we look forward to, the kids being at home; the Christmas trees being dusted and ready to take their corners; the decorations rolling around; the chairs being shifted and ultimately the Christmas spirit in the air!

We understand this Christmas will be different from the usual grand gathering and parties in the home. However, we will definitely be spending more time at home therefore; we must consider care and precautionary measures for our hardwood flooring. 

Implementing care and precautionary measures for your floor simply means preventing scratches, stains, damage from spillages, and all other accidents that could cause wear and tear to your floor. Here are some simple steps to take to prevent damages to your flooring investment during the holiday season.

  • Use doormats

The first place to start with precautionary measures are the doors. One of the biggest risks to hardwood flooring is dirt and debris. They can cause scratches to your floor especially in the passageway where your floor is exposed.

With the use of mats at your entrance doors, you can reduce the risk of dirt and debris entering your home.

  • No shoe rule 

Consider asking your guest to take off their shoes before entering your home. If you are also heading out, put on your shoes outside of the door. You can also place a shoe rack outside of your door so you and your guest can neatly store your shoes on the shoe rack.

  • Christmas tree & Christmas decorations

When you are setting up your Christmas tree, ensure you place it in its rightful spot to avoid having to push or pull it on the floor. You can also spread a sheet on the floor to lay out all your decorations and fairy lights. This way, the dust can be collected on the sheet instead of spreading to the floor. 

  • Clean up quickly and frequently

With all the drinks and excitement, spillages are expected. When this happens, mop immediately to prevent stains. You can also keep a spray bottle floor cleaner and microfiber cloth handy to wipe drink spillages. Since the rainy season comes with Christmas in Guyana, use an umbrella bin to store wet umbrellas at the entrance and mop any water on the floor immediately.

  • Use felt pads on your furniture legs

It is customary to move the furniture around during the holiday season to create a different look in your home. With the use of felt pads on your furniture legs, it reduces the risk of creating scratches on the floor.  

Accidents are a natural part of life, they are bound to happen, but when they do, act immediately. Clean up swiftly and regularly using the correct floor care agents and take all necessary precautions to protect your hardwood-flooring masterpiece.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you during this festive stay-at-home period. Cheers to a joyous holiday season!

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